About Me

Hello. My name is Asha Thomas. I am 6 years old. My mommy blogs for me.

Ever since I first saw President Obama I have wanted to meet him because I think he looks like my dad and his daughter’s look like me.

He visited the town I live in on his campaign trail and ate at the hot dog place I eat at all the time but I missed him that day and was so upset to hear he was in my town, I could’ve met him but my mommy and daddy didn’t know he was going to be there.

I stayed home from preschool the day of his inauguration. I was so excited to watch it. I was very proud to tell everyone that my parents voted (I would tell people I voted as well) for Barack Obama.

For my birthday this past year I was given a book about President Obama that I can learn to read with. A friend of mine went to Washington DC for school and brought me home some things with President Obama on them like; a magnet, a coloring book, a pencil, and more.

 From Asha’s mommy:

Asha is ¼ black and ¾ white. She knows that she is black and white and she knows that so is the President. She likes to be able to see someone like her daddy (even though the president is darker than her daddy) and his two daughters who look like her in something besides television shows and movies. It makes her feel important and that she can become President one day, if she wants to.

We want to eventually take her on a trip to Hawaii to show her where President Obama grew up. Until then, we are looking to tour the White House on her birthday in 2011. We are hoping she could meet him then.
I understand Asha is only 6 years old but she has never wanted to meet anyone that she sees on television, in the movies, in books, in newspapers, etc. I am certain in saying that if she gets to meet him, she will be satisfied to never want to meet any famous person.

 Please help us raise awareness of Asha’s “Mission Obama”. We are asking for your time, for you to tell your friends about Asha and her mission, to “like” us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, read and subscribe to our blog, and just help in any way you can for this little girl to achieve her dream of meeting President Obama.

We are not sure if she will ever get to meet President Obama but it is her dream and we are going to try our hardest to try to make it work. We are hoping by the more people who know about Asha and her mission the more of a chance someone in President Obama’s office will find out about Asha and will make her Mission Obama a reality!

Thank you